Soup of the day (V)
Please ask your waiter
Satay chicken
Homemade satay chicken, risoo mozzarella ball served with naan bread
Smoked haddock and Applewood cheese shcake, poached egg and hollandaise sauce
Maple pigeon breast, pancea hash, pear and poached egg
King scallops +£3
King scallops served with parsnip puree, smoked duck and sweet chili
Baked camembert, roasted garlic, rosemary, served with g chutney and baguee
Please tell the management if you have any allergies
Dinner 3 course £24.95
Dinner 2 course £21.95
Pork belly
Slow cooked belly of pork, carrot and cumin puree, apple compote, mash potatoes, crackling and black
pudding scotch egg
Falafel (V)
Falafel, tzatziki sauce, rice, tomato and red onion salad
Sirloin steak +£3
Grilled dry aged sirloin steak, tomato, mushroom, green salad and French fries
Pepper or Bearnaise sauce
Lamb cannon3
Roast cannon of lamb, pea and mint puree, lamb jus, ne beans, dauphinois potatoes
Seafood skewer +£3
Monksh, scallops, salmon, prawns served with Bearnaise sauce
Rice or French fries
Pan fried llet of seabass devilled buer, samphire parsnip puree, crushed new potatoes
Roast duck breast and bon bon, fondant potato, braised carrot, celeriac puree, tender stem
Crème brulee of the day
Please ask your waiter
Chocolate brownie (GF)
Chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream
Scky toee pudding
Warm scky toee pudding served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream
Tart Tan
Warm apple tart, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce
Poire Belle Helene
Poached pear with a hazelnut and tonka bean cream, coee and black
chocolate mousse and crispy chocolate tuile
Selecon of 4 cheeses
Grapes, celery, apricot chutney, walnuts and biscuits
SIDES £2.95
Cream Spinach
Roasted buernut squash and wild mushroom
Fine beans with saute shallots
Merlot Aromo Red, Chile
Bole £17.50
So on the approach with a delicious rmness through the
palate. A real nd and very moreish with steak or blue
Sauvignon blanc Aromo, White, Chile
Weigher than a lot of Chilean Sauvignons and giving an ap-
pealing fruiness. Shellsh, goats cheese or vegetarian
Please tell the management if you have any allergies
Selecon of bread and buer £3.00
Mixed olives £2.95