Soup of the of the day (V)
Please ask your waiter
Satay chicken
Homemade satay chicken, risoo mozzarella ball served with naan bread
Mussels cooked in a creamy cider sauce, bread and buer
Baked camembert, roasted garlic, rosemary, served with g chutney and baguee
Smoked haddock and Applewood cheese shcake, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce
King scallops +£3
King scallops served with parsnip puree, smoked duck and sweet chilli
Please tell the management if you have any allergies
Friday Dinner 3 course £24.95
Friday Dinner 2 course £21.95
Pan fried llet of seabass, Goan curry sauce, cherry tomatoes, black risoo and samphire
Polenta (V)
Polenta served with goat cheese and beetroot
Venison 3
Venison steak served with Dauphinois potatoes, cranberry sauce, curley kale and glazed carrots.
Ribeye +£3
Grilled dry aged ribeye steak, tomato, mushroom, green salad and French fries
Pepper or Bearnaise sauce
Chicken breast stued with morels and served with Fondant potatoes
Crème brulee of the day
Please ask your waiter
Chocolate brownie served with crème anglaise
Scky toee pudding
Warm scky toee pudding served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream
Cheeseboard +£3
Selecon of cheese served with grapes, celery, apricot chutney and biscuits
Walnut and Raspberry pie
Walnut and raspberry pie served with salted maple ice cream
SIDES £2.95
Cream Spinach
Roasted buernut squash and wild mushroom
Fine beans with saute shallots
Saumur Rouge Anite Domaine de la Guilloterie Red, France
Bole £23.00
Pure carbenet franc but vinied in less of a “served chilled”
kind of way than some. Serious Bordeaux alternave. Grilled
or cured meats.
Roero Arneis Pescaja, White, Spain
Bole £26.00
A classic wine in Piedmont but much less known over here.
Rich, full, spicy and with a hint anise. Special wine. Risoo,
hard cheese or cured meat.
Please tell the management if you have any allergies
Selecon of bread and buer £3.00
Mixed olives £2.95