Saturday Lunch Menu
Lunch 3 courses £19.95 / 2 courses £17.95
Soup (V)
Please ask your waiter
Satay chicken
Homemade satay chicken, risotto mozzarella ball served
with naan bread
Baked camembert, roasted garlic, rosemary, served with
fig chutney and baguette
Smoked haddock and Applewood cheese fishcake,
poached egg and Hollandaise sauce
Frog Legs
Frogs legs served with tomato and tarragon cream sauce
Pineapple chutney prawns, cucumber sorbet, sweet chili
Smoked Salmon
French organic smoked salmon, avocado cream, crab and
fennel salad, Champagne vinaigrette
Snails in garlic butter on a bacon and walnut salad
Ribeye Steak +£4
Grilled dry aged ribeye steak, tomato, mushroom, green
salad and French fries. Peppercorn or Bearnaise sauce
Tabbouleh (V)
Spiced roast cauliflower tabbouleh, tahini herb dressing,
tzatziki and flatbread
Lamb +£4
Lamb cannon, dauphinoise potatoes, pea and mint puree,
rosemary garlic jus
Pork belly
Slow cooked belly of pork, mascarpone mash, apple
compote, carrot and cumin puree, crackling and jus
Pan fried fillet of seabass devilled butter, asparagus
parsnip puree, crushed new potatoes
Seafood skewer +£5
Monkfish, scallops, salmon, prawns served with Bearnaise
sauce. Rice or chips
Roast duck breast and bon-bon, fondant potato, parsnip
puree, tenderstem broccoli
Beef Wellington +£10
Beef wrapped in puff pastry and Parma ham, served with
Dauphinoise potato, fine beans and Port jus
Crème Brulee
Please ask your waiter
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Warm sticky toffee pudding served with caramel sauce
and salted caramel ice cream
Chocolate Brownie
Warm chocolate brownie served with white chocolate ice
Cheeseboard +£3
Selection of cheeses served with biscuits and apricot
Nougat glace served with red fruit coulis
Walnut and raspberry pie
Walnut and raspberry pie served with salted caramel ice
SIDES £2.95
Cream spinach
Fine beans with sauté shallots
Roasted butternut squash and wild mushroom
Bread and butter£2.50
Mixed Olives £2.95
White Gavi del Commune di Gavi il Rocchin
Bottle £23.00
Used to be called simply “gavi di Gavi” and is from a
smaller, better region within “Gavi” itself. Richer and more
intense than the simple village wine but still dry and
elegant. Vegetarian or aperitif
Red Chateau Tour de Grenet Lussac St. Emillion
Bottle £28.00
This is the level at which serious Claret really starts to
shine. A real taste of the terroir with a lovely gravelly
attack followed by austere fruit and good length. Red
Please tell the management if you have any allergies