Taste the season
Chicken and con t lemon pie
Grilled chicken breast, con t lemon, garlic, parsley, cooked in shortcrust
pastry, seasonal green leaves
Duck hen egg (V)
So poached duck egg with hazelnut coating, Jerusalem artichoke brunoise
Pork belly
36 hours cooked pork belly with Lemon grass glaze and vegetables julienne
Spinach ballotine (V)
Quinoa, raisin and pine kernel wrapped in spinach leaves,
acacia honey dressing
Salmon tartare
Fresh Scottish salmon, spring onion and passion fruit tartare,
lemon and tarragon vinaigrette
Skate wing
Poached skate wing, cabbage, onion and coriander salad,
coconut and sesame seed dressing
Breast of chicken, spiced orange and carrot
Grilled breast of chicken, orange, lettuce and carrot avoured with cumin,
black olive and lemon
Scottish salmon
Oven baked salmon llet coated with a mix of fresh herbs and a pink
peppercorn, lime sauce
Navarin of lamb, spring vegetables
Slow cooked lamb neck with Chardonnay wine, carrot, onion,
turnip, celery and thyme
Vegetable tagliatelle (V)
Spiralized vegetables medley, feta cheese, balsamic and pine kernel dressing
Chocolate torte
Caramelised white chocolate torte with con t clementine
Lemon tart slice
Lemon tart, strawberry meringue topping, pouring cream
Panna cotta
Buttermilk panna cotta with poached rhubarb and thyme crumble
Bano ee parfait
Iced bano ee parfait with to ee sauce and banana crisps
Coconut verrine
Layers of coconut and chocolate mousse served with pineapple and lime
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Taste the season
Mackerel rillette
Creamy mackerel and courgette rillette, horseradish sauce,
crispy poppy seed toast
Lettuce soup (V)
Lettuce and cottage cheese soup, roasted sesame seed croutons,
virgin olive oil, served warm
Seafood and vénéré rice
Mussel, squid, and cockle cooked with Chardonnay wine,
parsley and shallots, vénéré black rice, samphire cream
Roasted chestnut mushroom tartlet (V)
Roasted mushroom, shallots, grilled smoked haloumi on a crispy
pu pastry base, rocket salad
Chicken salad “Thai style”
Poached chicken breast, green leaves, Jersey Royals potato salad, chilli,
lemon grass, ginger, garlic and coriander dressing
Seabass, fresh mint dressing
Grilled llet of farmed seabass, white wine, shallots, salted lemon
and mint dressing
Rabbit thigh
Slowly cooked boneless rabbit thigh, sun dried tomato, black olive and capers
Poached lled of hake, onion, thyme and piquillo pepper coulis
Bavette steak échalotte”
Grilled ank steak, pinot noir, parsley and shallot sauce
Vegetable and almond milk torte
Carrot, parsnip, spinach avoured with almond milk and hazelnut
cooked in pastry. Seasonal green leaves
Rhubarb cheesecake
Bake cheesecake topped with crème fraiche and poached rhubarb
Mocha parfait
Iced co ee parfait with chocolate fudge
Orange sauce, Bourbon vanilla ice cream
Salted caramel and chocolate tart
With praline crunch
Kiwi pavlova
Gooey centred meringue and whipped cream
Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1AX · 01473 289 748 · info@marinersipswich.co.uk
Lunch 3 courses £20.95 · 2 courses £16.95 · Tue-Sat
Dinner 3 courses £29.95 · 2 courses £25.95 · Tue-Fri