Taste the season
Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1AX · 01473 289 748 · info@marinersipswich.co.uk
Lunch 3 courses £20.95 · 2 courses £16.95 · Tue-Sat
Dinner 3 courses £29.95 · 2 courses £25.95 · Tue-Fri
Endive “Mornay”
Poached chicory wrapped with smoked ham, glazed with a béchamel
and Parmesan cheese sauce
Trout rillette
Trout, pepper, shallot, lime and chive rillette, fennel purée,
Jerusalem artichoke chips, lemon and coriander dressing
Beef Ravioli
Ravioli stu ed with beef con t, mint and coriander served
in a spicy vegetable broth
Poireaux and smoked haddock
Poached leeks and smoked haddock, grain mustard and leek jelly,
Virgin olive oil dressing
Watercress soup (V)
Cream of watercress, Gorgonzola purée, crushed hazelnuts,
garlic and thyme focaccia
Salted Cod
Roast llet of salted cod topped with a chorizo crumble, crushed peas,
tomato, red onion and thyme vinaigrette
Lamb Roulade
Roast shoulder of lamb, mushroom and pistachio stu ng,
Balsamic vinegar and mint sauce
Cured trout
Grilled cured trout llet, spicy Thai sh cake, horseradish cream
Spinach Tagliatelle (V)
Fresh tagliatelle, spinach and parmesan cream, pine kernel, so poached egg
Pork fillet
Roast llet of pork, Ale and ginger bread sauce, smoked bacon, raisins
Genoa cake
Almond and caramelised apple cake, apple and beetroot mousse,
white chocolate cream, granny smith sorbet
Clementine con t in sugar, comté cheese mousse on a salted butter
and orange shortbread biscuit
Palet chocolat
Dark chocolate and hazelnut square, mango and
cardamom heart, mango sorbet
Rice pudding
Coconut rice pudding, forced rhubarb cooked with vanilla sugar,
Hibiscus sorbet
New York cheesecake
Baked lemon cheesecake, blueberry coulis, white chocolate ice cream
Taste the season
Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1AX · 01473 289 748 · info@marinersipswich.co.uk
Lunch 3 courses £20.95 · 2 courses £16.95 · Tue-Sat
Dinner 3 courses £29.95 · 2 courses £25.95 · Tue-Fri
Fresh Tuna and caponata
Seared yellow n marinated tuna, salad of aubergine, tomato,
olive, celery and capers seasoned with balsamic vinegar
Cod and halibut mousseline
Warm cod, halibut and tarragon gateau, toasted brioche,
cayenne pepper, sa ron and garlic mayonnaise
Asparagus soup
Cream of asparagus soup, so poached egg, asparagus tips
Pomme dauphine
Crisp potato and Emmental cheese pu , grilled streaky bacon,
smoked mascarpone cream
Duck terrine
Coarse duck and pistachio terrine, onion chutney, toasted baguette
Pig’s cheeks
Braised Pig’s cheeks with Madeira wine, crunchy apple and celeriac salad
Shark steak choron
Grilled shark steak, tomato spiked Béarnaise sauce
Roast breast of chicken, salted lemon, ginger, cumin and sage sauce
Vegetable stir fry (V)
Pan fried pack choy, pepper, spring greens, onion with ginger, chilli,
coriander and garlic, grilled halloumi
Grilled let of farmed seabass, courgettes, aubergine, tomato, garlic and
thyme ratatouille avoured with Pernod
Bano ee Pie
Glazed banana, caramel, mascarpone and vanilla whipped cream
on a crunchy base, salted caramel ice cream
Strawberry pain perdu
Warm brioche pain perdu, roasted gooseberry and strawberry, strawberry
coulis, mint sorbet
Lemon and chocolate verrine
Layers of Lime panna cotta, white chocolate mousse, vodka and
lemon jelly, Vodka sorbet, all served in a glass
Crepe suzette
Pancake with an orange, grapefruit, star anise and Grand Marnier sauce,
blood orange sorbet
Dark chocolate tart
Chocolate shortbread base, dark chocolate ganache, caramel heart,
verbena and red fruit sorbet