Seasonal menu
Lunch 3 course £20.95 / 2 course £16.95, Bread & buer £1.00
Dinner 3 course £29.95
Seabass ceviche
Cured seabass llet, mango, lemon, lime, red onion,
chilli and coriander dressing
Chorizo stued squid
Chorizo stued baby squid, einkorn risoo, mixed
peppers and black olives
Arancini romesco
Minced veal skewer, parmesan crust, peppers, sherry
vinegar, tomato and almond sauce
Linguine vongole
Homemade linguine, clams, white wine, garlic, pars-
ley, parmesan shavings, pine kernels
Gazpacho (V)
Cucumber and yogurt gazpacho with fresh mint and a
crisp garnish
Pistachio and pine nuts crusted hake llet with rocket and
parsley vichyssoise, mash potatoes
Grilled yellown tuna steak, grilled Mediterranean vegeta-
bles, oregano dressing, mash potatoes
Goat cheese and tomato tart
Goat cheese and tomato cont on a crispy Poppy seed pas-
try, marinated mushroom salad, Dauphinois potatoes
Spider steak Béarnaise
A true “butcher’s cut” served rare or medium rare,
Béarnaise sauce, French fries
Salmon “pannequet”
Warm Scosh salmon roulade stued with crab and ricoa
cheese, pan fried cucumber and tomato salsa, lemon grass
cream viteloe potatoes
All set menu main courses are served with potatoes
A La Carte
Seafood and veneré rice £8.50
Mussel, squid, and cockle cooked with Chardonnay
wine, parsley and shallots, veneré rice, samphire
Roasted chestnut mushroom tartlet (V) £6.50
Roasted mushroom, shallots, grilled haloumi on a
crispy pu pastry base, rocket salad
Rabbit and pork pa £8.50
Coarse rabbit, pork and black olive paté avoured
with port and Marsalla, chutney, toasted bread
Pork belly £16.50
Slowly cooked belly of pork, glazed with mint and
Honey, mash potato
Lamb £21.95
Roast rump of lamb, garlic and thyme jus, dauphinoise
Bavee steak “échaloe” £16.95
Grilled ank steak, pinot noir, parsley and shallot
sauce (served up to medium rare), dauphinois potato
All a la carte main courses are served with potatoes
Dauphinois potatoes
Steamed potatoes
French fries
Green salad
French beans
Please tell the management if you have any allergies