A La Carte Tuesdays to Saturdays
Beef tartare
hand cut Aberdeen Angus beef tartare, red beetroot , gherkins, capers and lemon juice,
Foie gras and chicken liver terrine
marinated duck foie gras and chicken liver terrine, grilled baguette, dried fruit chutney
Tuna sashimi
diced yellowfin tuna marinated with lime, soy sauce and roasted sesame seeds, extra
virgin oil dressing
Paté en croute
Coarse duck, sun dried tomato and veal paté cooked in pastry, caramelised fruit chutney
Salmon & crab
Crab, shallots and dill tartare wrapped in home smoked salmon, horseradish cream
Sea bass
roasted sea bass fillet, sautéed potato and spring onions, aubergine and horseradish
Scallops, cod, prawns, mushrooms, glazed cheese Béchamel sauce
Lobster thermidor
Half £15.95 Whole as main course £28.95
lobster cooked with onion, Dijon mustard, tarragon and saffron glazed with Gruyere
cheese, a classic !
A La Carte Tuesdays to Saturdays
Venison £21.50
roasted venison saddle, butternut squash purée, spiced pear chutney, Cabernet Sauvignon
Beef £25.95
grilled Aberdeen Angus prime fillet, pan fried fresh duck liver foie gras, crispy crouton
brushed with black truffle oil, Vintage Port sauce
Monkfish £19.95
pan fried medallions of monkfish, white wine and clams ,beurre blanc, baby vegetables
Turbot £21.95
Poached fillet of farmed turbot, pan fried king’s scallops, smooth lobster bisque
Beetroot £14.95
red beetroot, dill and Carnaroli risotto, fresh Sainte Maure goat cheese
Lamb rack £22.95
Roast rack of English lamb, Lautrec garlic crust, parsnip mousseline, tarragon jus
Duck £18.95
roast breast of Gressingham duck, cranberry sauce
Cod £15.95
Grilled fillet of Icelandic cod, tomato confit, aubergine caviar and chives vinaigrette, crushed
Calf liver £18.95
Pan fried Dutch calf liver, crispy pancetta, red onion and Chardonnay wine sauce
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