Valentine’s Day menu £48.00
Parsnip and truffle oil soup (V)
Oysters Kilpatrick, bacon, cheddar and tabasco
King oyster mushroom, vegan bacon, parsnip puree, garlic, and coconut cream sauce
Cod, scallops, prawns and mushroom gratinee, glazed cheese Bechamel sauce
Foie gras served with brioche and fig chutney
Corn fed chicken, wilted green peas, Gorgonzola and bacon sauce
Beef fillet served with kale, horseradish mash and Bordelaise sauce
Cod served with crab beignets, asparagus, new potato and Madeira cream sauce
Polenta served with beetroot, roasted butternut squash, red onion, spinach and Port
dressing (Vegan)
Monkfish, scallop, salmon and prawn seafood skewer served with Bearnaise sauce.
Rice or French fries
Selection of desserts
Salted caramel and chocolate mousse
Passion fruit panna cotta and butter biscuit
Crème brulée
Selection of cheese served with celery, grapes, fig chutney and biscuits